CPR is a learned skill and one that is necessary in many work environments. There are few careers that you can waltz into the door of without an education that confirms that you have the training and understanding of the career, and in many careers, CPR training is part of the process to become who you want to be. The following outlines some fantastic careers, all of which require CPR training and the important role that individuals play in their field.

Career Fields That Require CPR Training

There are a great number of career fields that require CPR training, and individuals that love to be in an environment that is geared towards caring for people, or responsible for people, definitely will love the following careers.

You will be required to know CPR before practicing in the following career fields

  • Nursing
  • First Responders
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Physician Assistants
  • All Healthcare related careers
  • Lifeguards

And several more careers not mentioned above.

CPR certification increases your career prospects greatly. If you currently hold CPR certification then definitely you are in a position to apply for

jobs at hospitals, or health care homes, and even schools.

Cpr career fields inlcludes lifeguards

Lifeguards require CPR Certification

When you consider career fields that require CPR training it is important that your certificate is from a program that is accredited by the National Safety Council, the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. There are a number of places that you can obtain your certification which are local to all areas.

Because there are different levels of courses, prior to enrolling in your CPR class, get all the specs. If you are after CPR training for a career over your personal and social responsibility, then you definitely want to enroll in a more extensive class such as the CPR and AED classes. You want to make sure that the training that is offered in the course is training that will apply to the job.

A career as a CPR professional would be near impossible without a certificate, as a certificate verifies that you have the level of knowledge and skill to save a life in an emergency situation.

Career fields that require CPR training are exciting careers. For many individuals with a bit of the humanitarian cause in them, Career fields that require CPR training are wonderful choices in a career. CPR certification must be kept up to date, and must be from a valid, accredited course. CPR recertification is required every two years. However, the American Red Cross suggests that refresher courses are taken every six months and a review course annually. If you are in Career fields that require CPR training it is likely that your employer will follow the recommendations of the American Red Cross. CPR courses are not time consuming, however, and each person, even school aged children have the ability to learn CPR.

There are also fields that CPR training may boost your career or make your resume look very appealing.

When individuals that apply for jobs whether CPR certification is required or not, when they have additional training such as CPR on their resume, they have additional expertise that makes them useful to the organization.

Regardless of why you seek CPR – for CPR related employment, to boost your resume or for a personal and social responsibility. CPR is definitely a training that is beneficial in all walks of life and for those that seek career fields that require CPR training, there are a great number of rewards, including a career that you enjoy getting up each day to work in.

The cost is inexpensive and the rewards great, especially when you find that you have the skill to save a life in an emergency situation.