There is no reason a busy schedule should keep you from enrolling in a CPR course. CPR certification, as well as recertification, is now available online and designed for those that do not have the time to take a course in a classroom.

Any individual can get certified, not just those that work in careers that require a CPR certification. This online alternative to traditional classes is rapidly growing in popularity and becoming the ideal way to get certified. After reading this article, you will be prepared to make a decision on whether an online CPR certification is for you, and if so, how to get started.

Getting Your CPR Certification Online

First off, online CPR certification is practical in the means that it allows you to study the material on your own time. Online courses offer a variety of training modules with many illustrative videos to ensure that students learn and retain the core techniques of CPR.

You can get your CPR certification 100% online, however, you may want to choose a course that offers a practical skill evaluation. Many courses offer a this blended approach, which means that after you complete the CPR online you are able to schedule an appointment with an instructor to learn hands-on technique for applying CPR. The hands-on techniques are practiced on a mannequin that provides you with first hands experience.

Once you have completed the curriculum you are then ready to take your CPR certification test. The exam is taken online from the comfort of your home and after completing the video-based classes you should have no problem passing with flying colors. Once you have successfully passed the exam, you will have the option to have your practical skills evaluated by an instructor. When you pass the online written test (and hands-on test, if you elected that option) you will then receive your CPR certification and card.

Choosing an Online CPR Certification Provider

CPR Certification Card from an Online Course

CPR Certification Card from an Online Course

It is important to realize that there are a number of online CPR courses that sound impressive and will try to entice consumers with elaborate printed material and accessories such as videos and audios and mannequins.

The one thing to remember here is that certificates that are awarded through these programs may or may not be accepted by your employer. When you do select an online course, be sure to verify the course’s credentials. You will want to verify that the curriculum follows the American Heart Association guidelines. If you are taking the course as an employment requirement, it is a good idea to choose a program that is backed by a guarantee that the certification will be accepted by your employer.

If a course offers a lifetime certificate then definitely steer clear, as any legitimate certification must be renewed every one to two years. Another red flag are websites that don’t require any testing and simply allow you to print your CPR card as soon as you’ve paid. Don’t waste your money or effort with companies like that as those certifications won’t be worth more than the paper they were printed on.

Getting your CPR certification through an online course is the most time efficient way to get certified, just make sure to choose your provider wisely.

What to Expect from an Online Class

With CPR training you can expect that you will learn the techniques and skills to save lives in the event of a cardiac arrest. You will receive step by step instructions on theory and techniques as well as an overview on cardiovascular diseases and strokes. A quality online learning program will include a combination of videos, reading material, quizzes, and other learning tools.

By getting your CPR certification online you will always have access to the learning materials so you will be able to review any portion of your syllabus in case you need a refresher. Another benefit to get certified online is that they will automatically remind you to renew before your certification expires.

The American Heart Association states that 92% of victims of cardiac arrest do not make it to the hospital. When you learn CPR you don’t have to sit on the sidelines hopelessly when a victim suffers from cardiac arrest. Knowing CPR gives victims the window of opportunity they need while waiting for the medical response team.

Now, with the availability of CPR certification online, there is no reason a busy schedule should keep you from gaining the knowledge and skill to save a life.

How to Get Started: Our Recommended Online CPR Certification Provider

We’ve done our research of various providers of online CPR certification in order to find the best possible option available. At this time, we recommend All their classes follow the American Heart Association guidelines and have certified over 600,000 professionals. They are the only certifying body that we found that is nationally recognized, so if your certification is for a job requirement, they guarantee that your employer will accept their certification.

The courses and exam are offered for free and you only pay when you are fully satisfied and are ready to order your nationally recognized CPR certification card. Visit to learn more.